You are currently viewing Compositeur du mois : Paul Werner « Always strive to be better than three months ago. »n

Compositeur du mois : Paul Werner « Always strive to be better than three months ago. »n

Paul Werner est un compositeur qui nous vient d’Allemagne, on va donc faire les présentations en anglais ?
Who is Paul Werner? Where are you from?
I am a self-employed music composer for media and motion picture currently living in Hamburg Germany.
Why did you start to compose music?
In my experience you can only excel in skills when you enjoy improving them while developing a passion.
Back in school, when I was thinking about job opportunities I came to the conclusion that music is the only thing that motivates in a way that gives me strength, not only drains it.
I wanted to work with a smile on my face and have enough strength remaining for friends and other hobbys.
How did you get started?
I started out as a vocalist/pianist and was enrolled in a live performance university course in Hamburg.
But later I realized the joy of putting together whole arrangements and experiencing the music production process from ground up.
So I studied and got my degree in media composing/music production in Berlin.
Can you live only with your music or do you have another job?
I can live only with my music.
What drives you to compose music?
I compose in various music genres for many formats, which makes my daily work flexible and exciting.
Beside the enjoyment while composing music I have this mindset of accomplishing my dream that drives me.
What are some musical projects that you’ve been working on?
Trailer, TV and Web Commercials, Radio Jingles, Exhibition, Image Film, Firework Music, Intro Music/Background/Underscoring for Podcaster and YouTuber.
What is special about your compositions?
In my opinion the character of a soundtrack is important to stand out in the masses. To achieve this character I try to come up with unique elements and extend existing genres.
While music genres and expectations can be quite narrow in terms of musical flexibility I challenge myself to find crossover niches and variations to achieve a contemporary sound.
From your point of view, what is your best success as a composer?
That’s a tough questions, but the answer for me is quite simple. The music industry has relatively low job security.
With tons of no/low budget projects and thousands of hobby composers chances of making a living with it are pretty low.
From my point of view, I feel my greatest success, when I realized that I can earn a living with my music.
What is your greatest wish as a composer?
For me it is important to be proud of the projects I am working on. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be high budget or famous. More of a feeling that I am looking for.
Nevertheless I have ambitions to have my part in the great productions of my time.
Why did you choose to create music under Creative Communs or royalty-free licenses?
Making the music accessible for a majority of content creators in the growing media world is a great way to gain a foothold in the music industry.
It creates opportunities for me, builds my portfolio, is very flexible in terms of time investion and can be lucrative.
What is your motto?
Always strive to be better than 3 months ago.
Anything to say to conclude?
Thanks Paul for this interview.
Pour découvrir les productions de Paul Werner, rendez-vous sur sa page sur beMYsound !