Compositeur du mois : Marco Margna « Music is Life »

Marco Margna est un compositeur, chanteur et producteur musical qui nous vient d’Europe de l’Est (Estonnie), on va donc le présenter en anglais.
Composer, singer and producer, mostly pop and dance music, he creates very dynamic, powerful and joyful tracks. His interview is very short. 
Who is Marco Margna? Where are you from?I’m just Marco Margna, from Estonia.

Why did you start composing music?

I loved to sing when I was young, so composing and producing was obvious next step.

Can you live only with your music or do you have another job?

I live only with music – I sing, compose and produce music.

What drives you to compose music?It’s in my blood. I really love to work with contemporary sounds and I love the opportunities what digital world offers us.

From your point of view, what is your best success as a composer?

I work with many libraries all over the world.

What is your greatest wish as a composer ?

To compose songs to A-list artists.

Why did you choose to create music under Creative Communs or royalty-free licenses?

It’s a great opportunity to introduce my music to wide range of public, to be heard and seen.

What is your motto?

Music is life.

Thanks Marco for this interview.

Pour découvrir les productions de Marco Margna, rendez-vous sur sa page sur beMYsound !

Et à très bientôt pour découvrir du son en ligne.