You are currently viewing Compositeur du mois : Kirill Kharchenko « Follow the call of your heart, and everything will turnn                out! »

Compositeur du mois : Kirill Kharchenko « Follow the call of your heart, and everything will turnn out! »

Kirill Kharchenko – Кирилл Харченко – est un compositeur et sound designer qui vient de Russie. Guitariste de formation, il propose des productions riches et variées. Nous avons eu l’occasion d’échanger avec lui. Interview.

Who are you Kirill Kharchenko ? Where are you from ?
My name is Kirill, I am from Russia, I am professional musician, I started my musical education in guitar class. I’ve been doing music for about 20 years. I began to compose more than 15 years ago. Previously, I worked as a sound engineer in a radio station. For the past 8 years I have been working in my home studio, I am engaged in the production of advertising audio clips, and in my free time I play guitar in my Metal group.

Why did you start to compose music?
I started making music when I was 14 years old, then I first picked up a guitar and could no longer live without it. It happened because I first heard such legendary bands as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Nirvana, and others …
Rock music conquered me forever.

Can you live only with your music or do you have another job ?
At the moment, my main job is the production of advertising audio clips for radio and TV. I work in my home studio, collaborate with some advertising agencies, for which I do commercials, and at the same time I am writing my own music.

What drives you to compose music?
I can’t live without making music, inspiration often comes to me from nowhere, it’s hard to explain, but often I wake up early in the morning from the fact that music is playing in my head, and I immediately go to record it.

From your point of view, what is your best success as a composer?
My music sounds in hundreds, or even thousands of commercials, trailers, video presentations, I like it, it motivates me to move on.

What is your greatest wish as a composer?
My old dream, as a composer, was to write music for serious feature films, so that when I came to the cinema theater to watch a new film, I could hear my music in it.

Could you tell us a story that happened to you in a musical context?
Once, on the Internet, I accidentally stumbled upon an advertising trailer for a computer game in which my music sounded, it inspires.

Why did you choose to create music under Creative Communs or royalty-free licenses?
I support any opportunities that help composers realize themselves, and audio streams are one of the most important niches for this, they open up really great opportunities and help composers become independent and earn their favorite business, and this is great.

What is your motto ?
Follow the call of your heart, and everything will turn out!

Anything to say to conclude?
We live in an era of technological progress, this opens up great opportunities for all people, and in particular for composers, because thanks to the Internet our music gets the right to life, it can sound in many media projects. The fact that composers can work without leaving home and send ready-made music to any corner of the planet is inspiring.
Pour découvrir les productions de Kirill Kharchenko, rendez-vous sur sa page beMYsound!